Cabled Cast on Tutorial

The cabled cast on is perfect any time you start a knit project with ribbing. Not only is it invisible and extra stretchy, it can be easily modified to work with any ribbing pattern you might come across.

Below I will show you the steps for a 1x1 ribbing cast on, but I will tell you how to change it up to work with other ribbing.

Step 1: Start with a slip knot on your left hand needle.

Step 2: Insert your right needle into the slip knot and pull your yarn through to make a knit stitch. You know how to make a knit stitch right? Exactly like that! You can do this! Now place that stitch you just made back onto your left hand needle.

Step 3: This is where the purl stitches come in. Bring your yarn to the front, then insert your right hand needle between your first stitch and the slip knot. wrap the yarn around your right needle and pull through like your making a purl stitch. Place this new stitch back on your left hand needle.

Step 4: Last step, you're almost there! Now put your right needle between the knit and purl stitch you made, wrap the yarn and pull it through just like before, but now as a knit stitch. Put this newest stitch back onto your left hand needle.

And that's it! Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have however many stitches you need and then proceed with your ribbing.

By now you can probably see just how easy this cast on is to adjust for different patterns. 2x2 ribbing? Make 2 knit stitches, and then two purl stitches. 2x1 ribbing? 2 knit stitches and then 1 purl stitch. So on and so forth, in whatever pattern your little heart desires.

Below is a video! I hope this was helpful!

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